#BluebirdPaints launches its first store in Karachi

As a signature brand of Standard Colors, Bluebird has been a profitable solution for over seven decades. It ensures quality and reliability to introduce you with colorful living.

Bluebird is eminent for its powder forms of iron oxide along with its extended range of organic and inorganic pigments used in countless manufacturing industries.

Bluebird’s “paint” series is a proud addition to their existing portfolio and boasts a collection of Enamel, Emulsion, Effect Paints and Wood Products.

Bluebird Paints exclusively focuses on three major gears:

1)      Textures: Bluebird textures are high-quality water-based products which are ideal for creating stylish walls with pearlescent effects. It comes in different variants including frost effects, stone effects, marble effects and crystal effects.

2)      Weather Care: Bluebird Paints owns such weather resistant sheets that suit every exterior wall.

3)      How to apply: Bluebird paints not just provide ready paints and textures but also provides application services. Besides from being a consultancy and application service it came up with a whole new concept of engaging people by providing free training of how to apply those textures.

Recently they’ve opened in Karachi at Bukhari Commercial, Lane 7, check out their store to find out more and give your home a magnificent makeover with Bluebird Paints before Eid.


You can also follow them online at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bluebirdpaints/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BluebirdPaints

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bluebirdpaints/


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