Lahore High Court dismisses petition against packaged milk 2016

The Lahore High Court had ordered laboratory analysis of domestic as well as international brands of packaged milk marketed in Pakistan. After the petition filed in by Barrister Zafarullah Khan, first in Lahore High court in 2010, which was dismissed after poor evidences. Aforementioned, sought help from LHC in 2016 for the said case again, which was also dismissed in May 2016.

In his petition, Barrister Zafarullah Khan had said that adulterated milk was being sold in the market which was causing serious diseases. “There is not a single laboratory in Pakistan capable of measuring contamination of chemicals in milk and water,” the petition said. Barrister Khan said the citizens were being fed poison by the use of steroid injections for boosting milk production of buffaloes and quick growth of broiler chicken. He asked the court to ban sale of adulterated milk…

However, the court ruled out the case declaring the evidences insufficient and also giving a clean chit to the samples tested upon the court orders. Report from PCSIR was also sought which gave its positive report on the quality of the packed milk samples.

The final judgement of the Lahore High Court 2016 and the ruling of 2010 can be viewed here:

2016: wp-468-2009_appeal_judge_final_ruling_2016

2010: wp-468-2009_final_ruling_original_case_2010


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