5 situations where ‘ill chew it on’ is inevitable 

Not all situations, awkward and awesome need a vocal response from your side. That’s where you just chew it! And hey chewing can be fun too at the same time, when the flavour burst in your mouth is just ‘puh-phect’!

1- Spearmint: When your siblings are talking and making your life plans on your behalf, like you care about which college they think you should go or what subjects you should take, urrmmm no. The spearmint will provide all the chillz in the mouth and in the head. 

2- Watermelon: When you are too excited to spot a crush, but you dont wanna go all out on them. Like less talking and more doing. You chew with a face that is more exciting and less attracting. [jaw drop] 

3- Strawberry: When your girlfriend’s ditch you for an alternate plan with a guy and in your head you know you’re gonna destroy it like it was WAR!!! ”Just wait and watch you b**** how m’ gonna make all your plans go off and our spa plan will prevail!!”. Chew that.

4- Peppermint: When you spot your boss on a business lunch with your colleague rather than you. In your head you know it was your place, it was your food. So you chew on with a look and make an evil plan in your head to spoil things at office while the two return! ‘Haha you’re gonna regret that.’

5- Watermelon and Strawberry: When you’re sneakers ready to take on that world!! The flavour burst, the chew in your mouth constantly tells you, its your game… no competition, no worries, IT IS MY LEAGUE!!!

While we all feel 95% more confident while chewing a gum whether for flavour or instant mouth freshening, go check out Trident’s amazing 4 flavours, now officially  available in Pakistan! 

Also don’t forget a good chewing gum is the most important accessory you should not forget, whether in a purse or in a travel bag! 

Chew on and share the ‘gum’. 


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