#NekiEkIbadat with Surf Excel Pakistan

Surf excel Pakistan has recently launched a film for its Ramazan Campaign which is about good deeds especially during Ramazan called, #nekiekibadat .
Surf Excel has shown how a kid is doing a good deed by waking a neighbor up in Sehri and providing him with food while he cannot help himself due to old age. Simultaneously there is an activation leg to this campaign which is around donating clothes to poor kids in Ramazan.

The process of this activation is to give a missed call on 90131 and they will call you back, asking the mode of donation which is:
1- Get your clothes picked up by M&P (ocs )
2- Drop your clothes at your nearest M&P (ocs) outlet

The donated clothes will then be washed , cleaned and packed by SURF Excel and given to the kids.

There are 2 charity organizations involved in this campaign which are
·         KRT – Karachi Relief Trust
·         Akhuwat

You can logon to Surf Excel’s website for more details: https://www.surfexcel.pk/make-difference-caring-others/

Watch the emotional yet compelling TVC here:

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