Here’s what you need to know about #NoMenWithoutWomen hashtag

The internet lately was bustling with the hashtag #NoMenWithoutWomen and people thought its just another feminism debate that must be going on between the two sexes trying to be powerful over each other. But no, this is not the case. Not this time. Its far more important an issue than just fighting it out for your socio-economic rights.

Here’s what its actually about. A concerned brand like Greenstar took the initiative, amongst their many other one’s, and of years of concerned practices that they’ve been inculcating in Pakistan, that women in Pakistani society should be considered equal decision makers when it comes to child birth!

According to a research finding on the Greenstar’s website,

“PDHS (2012-13) data shows that more than 89% women of Pakistan are not economically empowered and therefore depended on her spouse for financial support including health service utilization. The decisions made by women increases with improvement in socioeconomic status, with 41.5% women in poorest quintile as compared to 60.8% in wealthiest quintile. Pakistan’s reproductive and child health indicators are significantly worse than most of its regional neighbors. The unmet need for Family Planning, according to PDHS (2012-2013), is estimated at 21.23% and total fertility rate is 3.8. This is why for the past 25 years Greenstar has been offering its services to improve reproductive health and maternal and child health outcomes by expanding access to quality reproductive health services and products in Pakistan.”

So when it comes to planning the first baby or the second, the emotional and physical transformation choice should also lie with the women in the family and not alone men.

But still why is it so important? So let’s dig in some facts:

  • In Pakistan, almost one-half of the women are anemic throughout their pregnancy
  • More than 2/3rds of the women deliver at home, without the supervision of any trained assistance
  • 45% deaths of under 5 years of age occurs during the first month of life, primarily as a result of poor maternal health and nutrition and complications during delivery. This indicates that maternal health has a direct impact on child survival
  • Less than 2 years of interval between children doubles the risk of infant dying
  • 34% mothers in Pakistan are said to be underweight according to their age and BMI
  • One woman in every 38 dies during childbirth
  • More than 1/3rd of Pakistani women wish to space the next birth or limit the family, but is unable to do so
  • Households spend considerably less on women in the event of illness as compared to men
  • 3 women lose their lives EVERY HOUR because of pregnancy associated complications
  • We have more than seventy five thousand villages all over the country without proper road network. People living in mountains, forest areas and small islands have no access to center with EmOC available

Not just that a women is forced to compromise on her health, emotional and well being factors, she’s also shunned to talk or discuss about the issue, to have her say, more often in a Pakistani society.

With respect to household hindrances and access difficulties, the problems are much more severe in provinces like Balochistan and KP than in Punjab or Sindh. Religious clerics continue to exert a negative influence against family planning in KP. Persuaded by them, husbands and mother-in-laws discourage women from using contraceptives. Physical access is most difficult in Balochistan, due to the scattered population and large distances from facilities. It is also a challenge in KP, parts of which are rugged and prone to landslides.

All the factors stated above are just the tip of an iceberg of problems that women alone suffer, however it has larger implications, on the overall relationship of husband and wife and men in general. The psychological one’s! The emotional, financial, mental and physical pressures that an unwanted pregnancy creates are far more bigger than just the usual one’s.

A healthy family life is compromised and preventive measures, which logically could be really helpful in planning the family further, are in fact viewed as threats and over whelming effects of medical knowledge.

It is now time to stand up, be aware, make aware and know not just your rights as a women but also take and share responsibility with your counter parts and make them realize, two is better than one!

Get in touch with Greenstar today and start the conversation of well being! Happy family life to you because yes, #NoMenWithoutWomen!

Dial: POOCHO – 0800 11171

One thought on “Here’s what you need to know about #NoMenWithoutWomen hashtag

  1. This is really upsetting to see all these facts and the fact that these are authentic makes it more troubling. Is there any on going work other than some NGO working on this matter? Because I don’t think so that the NGOs actually cover the areas where the people are uneducated enough to be going through these. Fun fact is that many good households that I know of also have the same problem where they will not even consider the health of the Females before going for a child, It has to MATTER but people would not even care.

    Yes its not about feminism at all, its rather about people thinking with their head straight up that’s pretty much it. However Many people would not like females being independent (even though i see no problem with that) because i work with professional colleagues who happen to be females, they have a good family and everything is running super awesome in most of their lives (i wont lie). They all respect their husbands and “I THINK” its going fine for their conducts in differehnt phases of life but nevertheless I can be wrong too.

    I think the only fact that male has supremacy granted over females should not be because they are providing the means of sustenance for them but rather they are more loving or less emotional when trying to hurt the females. I feel that its rather unfair for a wife to be dependent on her husband just because he earns – its weird – im not married so i have no experience but whatever 🙂

    Thank you for sharing these horrendous facts – i hope the situation improves and that we play some good role in helping the societies build up in a good manner.

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