TCS Sentiments Celebrates Mothers Day 

Everyone has a different way of celebrating Mother’s Day. Some express it with a hug, some shower their mother with presents and there are others, like me, who want to surprise her with unlimited love. 
This time around, i chose an unusual way to express my emotions. I came across this Mother’s Day offer by TCS Sentiments where they were offering a bix of happiness. The box contained Tang and a bottle, which could be customised with message. I thought what else would be better than writing what i couldn’t say myself. I wrote down my message and clicked on the deal. 

Oh while searching on TCS Sentiments ‘ page, i came across other deals too which included Khaadi gift card, cakes, flowers, chocolates and what now. Still i think i chose the best. 

So, came the Mother’s Day and i could see the impatience on my mom’s face. But i had other plans :p With the door bell ringing, i was guessing it wad my order and yes, it was there. Puzzled, my mom took it and started unwrapping. From the other corner of the room i could see the happiness on her face. I wish i could capture those moments. Anyway, it was heart – warming. My mother called me up and thanked me for the gift. I got embarrassed instead because what is the worth of all those things in front of the love she has bestowed on us over the yeas. Of course, nothing. 

This is what TCS Sentiments was all about too. I loved the message they tried to portray with this campaign. Definitely looking forward to something for Father’s Day as well. 


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