For the love of content – TapMad TV officially launches in Pakistan

Tapmad TV officially launched last Thursday in a star studded event in Karachi. TapMad TV is a new way to access diverse collection of entertainment options available on the go. Available on the web and as an app, Tapmad TV has a collection of 140 local and international channels, as well as a video-on-demand section comprising Pakistani, Indian and English dramas and Bollywood films. And it’s all FREE!


The application is basically an online application which you can download from the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store for free. Through Tapmad TV, one can watch their favorite TV dramas, movies, sports, news as well as listen to their favorite music. With over 140 live TV channels being broadcasted through the application as well as many movies, shows, and documentaries, you won’t be able to miss out on any of your favorites anymore.


TapMad’s CEO, Yasir Pasha mentioned that the app also features a DVR option, “If the viewers missed a show, they can download and replay it within seven days.” I personally think this is a great option for content consumption especially for the ladies at home and professionals with a busy schedule!


The application is already making waves in the digital circle of Pakistan and is being termed as a revolution in the entertainment industry by literally, bringing TV in your palms with just a tap.


While briefing the audience about the concept behind the app, Pasha, stated that 2017 will be a year of mobile entertainment in Pakistan. He shared that watching movies and videos is the third most popular activity amongst people in the world, after sleeping and working. “With more than 1 million minutes of data being consumed on our app in the past three months, I expect Tapmad TV to lead this change”, he added.

Download the app on iOS App Store here:

Android Google Play Store here:

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