Before Karachi Eat Festival…

It is always a good marketing message that stands out in the clutter, be it visually or with just a clever copy skill at work!

With KEF (Karachi Eat Festival) just about to start in a few hours, the brands are making sure to reach out to the right consumers through digital. However in this race, only few brand’s have won the hearts and anticipating minds to build the right hype for themselves! Here I list a few of them, that despite the clutter, have managed to champion the art of communication and have already made waves and noise amongst the Karachi Food Community! And to be sure, Karachi wala’s not just love eating but also are praiseworthy of all those brands who invest time and efforts to reach out to them!

1- Meat One

The king of retail in fresh, ready to cook and marinated meat and other savory delights range! Meat One made sure to not miss the bandwagon where they shined out with their tempting visuals, their selection of delish menu to be served at KEF and to appear on people’s timeline before the festival actually starts!

To the best of my observation on social, I found people drooling over their classic meaty visuals and tagging one another to try out Meat One’s menu at KEF as part of the list keeping for the festival. They even made an event page to e-invite people to their stall at KEF and spread some right word of mouth! Check their Facebook page at:  and join their event page at:

2- SHAN Foods

Who doesn’t like to satisfy their desi appetite? Well let me tell you guyz, that last year at KEF 2016, SHAN Food’s traditionally rich-desi servings were loved and celebrated by all! And that too without a marketing gimmick or spending a few $s to reach out to their customers. While, I would not fully agree with this approach, but their food serving spoke for itself!

People on SWOT went on an extent to saying that they all need to know who the crafty chef was, behind the delectable ‘degh’s of Haleem and Biryani at SHAN Foods and that they are ready to hire him for their daily dose of traditional servings at any cost! Also to a foodie’s delight their meals were only priced at 50rs per plate! Check out their Facebook page to see how have they tempted their customers this year and what these #SHANStories are all about!  btw you can also share your SHAN Stories at the stall and get a chance to be featured in season 2!

3- Magnum

The ultimate pleasure provider for chocolate and ice cream lovers! As decadent and sensuous as their product and communication maybe, they’ve not left any grounds open for the competition! By adding an experience of interactive technology to their pleasure bar at KEF, they’ve raised the bar not just for themselves but for all those brands who are still stuck with the conventional digital way of communication in Pk!

Get out of those static posts and start experimenting guyz! Magnum this year is offering an interactive experience called ‘Snapped@’ (to put in easy words, a life size version of Snapchat) that allows visitors at bar to take their photos in a fun way, put on filters, add Magnum customized watermarks and email it to themselves right there and then! On last Friday, despite the heavy rainfall Magnum was all steady with the installation and was able to catch a good number of eye balls and talkability! Check out the experience here  and join them on Facebook here: 

Happy eating at KEF!

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