The Storm Fiber you all have been waiting for! 

Guyz I know its a pain, its a pain to bear slow or non-working internet. Its a pain to sit back and wait for your tweet to be sent across (every second counts), its a pain to upload a picture or video on instagram, especially at the end when it shows: upload failed, troieen! Its an irritation+pain when Facebook’s auto-play video wont play itself and your snapchat from the best adventure trip shows *not uploaded* status in the next morning. Internet life in Pakistan is kinda sad. 

Thanks to all the slow ISPs and crappy mobile networks. Even 3G and 4G gives up with social media and streaming at most times. 

But one fine day a storm came in, a storm so strong everybody was talking about it. It was an internet storm called #StormFiber ! Yes you read that right, fiber optical super duper hi-speed internet. I was introduced to Storm Fiber by a friend when at her home, I asked her to put a rom-com on download so that we could watch it the next day. After hardly half an hour she shouted at me: ‘Movie download hogai aaj dekhlein? I have popcorns too’.. 

I was like wait…what? No! 

It was not a dream, she was using the internet service of Storm Fiber (from the makers of Cyber Internet, our darling from childhood). And obviously I was taken by storm. I got onto her laptop, streamed several videos on youtube, downloaded music and two other movies too, and uploaded much of a data, all to test this fiber internet service.  

Full points on being seamless. 

So I got home and checked into their website and got to know about all their packages. Incidently just around 14th August 2016, they introduced new packages check them out: 


They have TV and voice service too, check this out: 

The only sad part about Storm Fiber is that right now they have a limited coverage in Karachi and Lahore (covering few areas but covering good) but are readily working on expanding their network. 

Recently twitter was at buzz too at the launch of their new packages, which were pretty economical, provided such good internet speed. Check out #StormStruck for more details. 

And dostoun do not hesitate to try storm fiber internet service, they are surely bound to bring you tears of joy with seamless internet service: Uploading, downloading, streaming, surfing, social networking and much more! 

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