Green #FoodieChallenge

August is all about green and white πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°. And the spirits for the country. Since childhood I have been very enthusiastic about the country and loved the patriotic vibes that the month of August brings with it. 

All the people who know me, surely know that Im a foodie! And I love experimenting with my food πŸ˜„. In line with the azaadi month, August, i had thought to experiment something in green and white colours. Though green peas being my favourite vegetable could have been the safest bet with white boiled rice, I decided to explore a bit more, something innovative. 

While I was planning my big foodie innovation, I came across Vim Pakistan’s challenge through a friend. So Vim had this contest up for green #FoodieChallenge, where participants had to roll up their creative sleeves, put the hat chef on and try something in white and green! 

Tadaa! I decided to send in my entry too, which I was already plotting in my head 😎. 

So my BIG green and white innovation is a refreshing breakfast idea. The two things I created are: Green and White Shahi Tukrey and Fresh Green Ice Tea! Served with a lot of love and thoughts ☺️. 

So here goes the recipe for Green and White Shahi Tukrey: 


– White Bread Slices (3-5)

– Egg (1)

– Milk (2 cups) 

– Apple Green Food Colour (2 tea spn)

– Sugar (3 tbl spn)

– Oil (for frying) 

– Roasted Almonds and Sprinkles for dressing (green and white sprinkles only) 

Procedure: Pour milk in a blender, add egg, sugar and green apple food colour. BLEND. Add more colour if required according to the desired shade. 

Cut the sides of bread slices, dip one slice at a moment in the milk mixture. Transfer to the frying pan, (add oil to frying pan and let it heat a bit). Fry both sides one by one until golden brown, beware not to burrrnnn them. Oohh. 

Make a slice of normal shahi tukra, without any colouring. Place the white shahi tukra (without colour/ flavour) on the plate. Place the green ones on top (atleast two) and decorate with green and white sprinkles and roasted almonds. DEVOUR. 

But hey wait, to gobble it down you need a refreshing drink too! 🍸🍷

Heres the other recipe I created called Fresh Green Ice Tea! 


– Green Tea (3 teabags) 

– Water (4 glass)

– Brown Sugar (4 tbl spn) 

– Apple Green Food Colour (3 tea spn)

– Lemon Juice (1\2 tea spn) 

– Ice cubes (2-3) 


Boil water and green tea together over medium hear, take out the green tea teabags after 5 mins of boiling. Add brown sugar, turn the heat low and mix until dissolve. Add apple green food colour, add lemon juice, boil for 5 minutes. Keep aside to chill. 

Pour in the mixture in beautiful mason jars, add ice cubes and slices of lemon and lime if desired. 

Serve this breakfast combo in garden to your family, especially kids. Do not forget to add few white flowers or simply white roses with green stems and leaves to add freshness and love and of course the green and white azaadi colour πŸ˜‰. 

And dear ladies and gents, to get away with the smell of egg from your utensils and the grease from the frying pan use few drops of Vim lemon green to freshen and clean up all the dishes. YOVO. You only VIM once. Literally. Few drops does the magic. 

Here’s my challenge open to all the foodies out there, be creative, be innovative and share your recipes with me. I might just nominate you to win! You have time till 19th Aug 2016, to win a hamper from VIM! 

Submit your entries using hashtags #FoodieChallenge and #VIM and tag me to let me know! ❀️


For more tips and tricks. 

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