Which Language Course Should Be The Part of Class Curriculum?

Language! The means to communicate. The other day I met a metric pass carpenter Sajid, who could not speak Urdu… was continuously conversing in Punjabi. Upon asking he told me that even in school he was not taught Urdu properly. All his teachers use to converse and teach in Punjabi at his school in his village in northern Punjab.

His life took a major shift when he migrated to Karachi for means of a better livelihood. However, his life sometimes takes a unexpected roller coaster ride in the Metropolis. He goes through a lot of difficulty when he has to talk to people around him, especially to the one’s who hire his services. Mostly, its an incomplete conversation and not understanding the work properly gets him into trouble.

Sajid’s story just makes me wonder wouldn’t it be great if people across Pakistan could well be conversing each other in Urdu? For a fact, we all know Urdu is the widely spoken and understood language in Pakistan, because of its national status, however still scattered parts of all provinces has not yet done justice with it.

Still in rural and far flung areas teachers make use of local language(s) to teach. While its a good idea to teach a child in a language in which they can comprehend better, wouldn’t it be a great effort on teacher’s part to also introduce their pupil’s to Urdu as a language?

Think of it in a broader perspective, when these children grow up and move out of their native places in search of a better socio- economic opportunities, it will benefit them immensely.

Not only Urdu has the power to connect people of Pakistan together the language also has its beautiful ‘talaffuz’ (pronunciation) and ‘lughat (dictionary relating to the collection of words)’. 

I totally recommend that apart from advocating English, Urdu Language course too should be a part of the class curriculum across Pakistan.

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