Infinix launches Hot S Android Smartphone – #AllEyesOnMe

Recently the digital arena was at buzz with the launch of the new HOT S by Infinix, another star in the range of android smartphones. This phone is equipped with an 8 MP front shooter, which is capable of taking wide 120 degree selfies as well as offering excellent low light photography. So the excitement with most of the users on digital was only natural.

This is definitely a selfie generation! Twitter also saw a lot of excitement around the hashtag #AllEyesOnMe which was run and owned by Infinix for this campaign.

I too took part to share whatever information I had gathered about the phone.

This time around the company had also given a consideration to the customer feedback and added a fingerprint scanner to protect the data and privacy of the consumers. Nonetheless, Hot S is by far the best looking phone by Infinix, thanks to its metallic body and minimal bezels. The phone offers a 5.2 inch HD display coupled with a massive 3000 mAH battery which should last more than a day for an average user.

The company also introduced its new Android User Interface called XOS. Just like its predecessor (XUI) it offers power efficiency and at the same time buttery smooth user experience. XOS comes with some pretty sleek features such as Magic Movie. Now you can add filters to your videos and make them more interesting without the need of any video editing tool. Guess what guyz, so much for only 16,000 only! Yeah you got that right!

The next amazing highlight of the event was the noise-cancelling earphones (XE02); this is something which users were eagerly anticipating from Infinix since the rumors about them first started circulating in Africa earlier this month. The earphones promises to block out the surrounding sounds with its noise-cancelling feature and help the user focus just on the music that they wants to hear.

The noise-cancelling earphones utilize cutting edge noise canceling technology and high-performance automated noise reduction IC for 95% noise canceling efficiency. A single keystroke will filter out noise and purify sound for an intimately private world.

So all in all this phone looked amazing to me, while I’m not a very big android fan I’d still like to get my hands on this phone, after hearing so many good reviews about almost all Infinix products!

Now if all this is enticing you to buy this phone order it here:

Check out their Facebook page for more details:



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