10 signs: How Karachiite’s react when it does or does not rain

So collectively almost all Karachiites long for rain, always. However a minority also opposes it. And I think their duaa’s win over ours; the whining majority.

Anyways here are some fun memes and gifs, that totally represent how Karachi wala’s dig for rain…

1- When prayer’s are the only satisfaction .. you almost shed a tear or two.. From us to rain ..


2- When you go crazy already even when its only a drop that’s pouring …


3-When you see a text or an over excited FB post about even a drop that is poured in some area .. you know you want it!


4- When your family tells you its over .. while you were sleeping .. it gets out-of-hand-emotional..


5- When you drench in rain and then comes the after-rain-happy-dance..


6- When Lahori’s or Punjab Walas tease you to death for all the rain that they have …


7- When you hear the roar of that thunderous rain, you’re looking out of the window, because your boss has asked you to sit through the meeting … and you have an heartache ..


8- When all of a sudden it becomes your right to gobble down all the fritters, rolls, samosas because … obviously its a  rain party … giphy5.gif

9- When SHOUTING on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat is a MUST … Because hey we don’t get rain everyday …


10- When you don’t want it because you are that environmental champion that care’s about flooded roads more than the smell of rain and the joy that comes with it …




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