Celebrating the otherwise with Tapal

It happens less often that a man helps in house chores, more less often that men in Pakistan are courteous to make morning/ evening tea supplies for their wives or other family members. 

I like when theres a perfect world shown in our Pakistani adverts and men particularly are shown kind and thoughful towards the women in general. It in the end, inspires audiences and gradually few habits can change too. 

Recently Tapal in Pakistan took a paradigm shift and portrayed a very significant role reversal on screen; one where the husband takes the home charge and makes tea, to support wife by comforting her from doing daily home chores. 

Fawad Khan already loved by all, plays the balance of the marriage; a husband who realises how tough of a routine the wife can have and comes home only to surprise her with a good mood, a smile and ofcourse the TEA. 

The whole concept revolves around; ‘tum main aur ik cup chai’ where the relationship is celebrated by showing a lilttle care! 

The wife further asks for dinner outside, that adds the humor there! 

Overall the concept shift of Tapal ia very interesting, it celebrates little moments of a marriage and is very plaeasant to watch, each time its on TV.

Tapal didnt just spread smiles on TV, they took it to social media too. Through their Facebook page, they asked users to tag their husbands if they want them to make Tea. Imagine who doesnt? Hundreds of wives, fiance’s, girlfriends and women in general didnt let this chance go away to hint their male counterparts for the much wanted effort from them! Its lovely! 

You can watch the advert here and enjoy the lightness of the mood. 



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