Parchabafi – a celebration of tradition

Gone are the days when eid was the only celebratory event in the whole year, other then occasional marriage ceremonies. Today, its all year long, its one event or the other, and one after another occasion. Fashion buff ladies need to follow up on a lot! 

Very few brands these days are so convinient and match one’s sense of style that finding one is nothing lesser than a blessing. Well ive found one! And would love to share the experinence with you all. 

Recently, just before few days to eid, got a chance to visit Parchabafi’s exquisite exhibition! As Parchabafi does not have a retail outlet right now, it was a one day exhibition, i got to know about from a friend! 

This exhibit was entirely based around eid collection, however must say was beautiful and very fit to be all occasional! 

The best outfits were definitely from the handpainted collection (got two dresses hands on), however the overall design’s at the exhibition were inspired by classic French art blended with Pakistani cultural style.

As per choice and fashion one can also find embellishing chiffons, silks, wrinkle free & machine washable fabrics with Serwoski, laces, buttons, sequence, bindings, motifs and zarree. What else a woman would want for occasions? 

So when I was at the exhibit, also got a chance to meet the lady behind Parchabafi,  Nida Paracha herself! Talked her about customizing my certain clothing and other range that the brand has to offer, while at it, I was told that Parchabafi also does machine and hand exclusive embroideries with exclusive combinations of colours & fabrics. This was an instant wow factor and my mother decided to order something right away! Which she did too! And Nida Paracha was a wonderful host and very interesting to talk to about fashion and her eid collection 🙂

For all my  friends and family here’s an undoubtful recommendation! Ladies must try out once and im sure all of you keen about the latest fashion and trends would love their designs! I just wish they had a retail store, but for now they are just online! 

Their facebook page is full of beautiful clothing, colors and all other varieties, just chose and order 🙂 

Here’s the link:


You can also connect with them via Twitter at: @ParchabafiTalks 

Hope you like them and if you do order, let me know about your experience 🙂 


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