Huawei introduces P8 phone in Pakistan

Huawei has unveiled its P8 smartphone in the high end category of handsets in Pakistan. The P8 handset have specs to rival Apple, HTC and Samsung flagships, but comes at a much lower price.

Huawei P8

Huawei P8

On Tuesday, 9th. of June, 2015, Twitter Pakistan was set at buzz with the news of the phone being introduced in Pakistan. The technology and aesthetics crazy enthusiasts were tweeting left, right and center about the phone, reflecting their welcome and positive sentiments for Huawei P8.

Huawei P8

Huawei P8

So what is this phone really about to make so much noise? Here are some specs and highlights of this very sexcy handset:

1- Aesthetically beautiful design (it’s a very fashionable thing to have)

2- Sharper photography skills (World’s 1st 4 color 13 mgpxls imaging, Large F2.0 Aperture, 8MP Front Camera, Low Light Photography, Light Painting, Director’s Mode,  Perfect Selfies, Time Lapse Video, Mist Filter, OMG – E V E R Y T H I N G)

3- Faster connectivity (Smart signal System, enhance signal strength, Intelligent access and switching WLAN hotspot)

4- Even better chip set (8 chip core, smart power saving, Industry leader in temperature cooling technology, Excellent Music experience with EMUI 3)

Not to forget, this very sexcy design is inspired by handcrafted book binding technique!


Beautiful Design: Huawei P8


Beautiful Design: Huawei P8

The most exciting features that kept abuzz on Twitter was the light paint photography and e-book features, users just couldn’t resist the amazing photography and editing experience this phone could offer and for book worm’s its like a dream coming true!

Features: Huawei P8

Features: Huawei P8

Where else can they combine Kindle like reading experience and phone together? Not just that, for today’s ‘selfie’ obsessed generation too, this phone offers a lot! The P8’s 8MP front camera has a built in 10-level beauty enhancement which automatically reduces any blemishes, imperfections and skin tones to give beautiful, perfect photos with every single shot! Oo-em-Gee!

The Huawei P8 is available in two colors: Mystic Champagne & Titanium Grey

P8, has another remarkable feature to be discussed here: The speech awareness! Taraa! It helps you find your phone when lost, by voice recognition, it can also hep you wake up if you want – the phone will talk back to you 🙂 Oh how awesome!

To sum this all up, I can safely term this phone as a ‘Photographer’s Heaven’! All for its excellent, breath taking and unbelievable photography and editing features!

Huawei P8

Huawei P8

I’m looking forward to try my hands on this beautiful work of technology from Huawei. I would love to have this phone in my use, as its direct competition is with iPhone6 and Samsung 6, however at a much lower price. Yes, that’s the catch!

Here is a quick review of what Twitterati’s were at, when going bonkers about this phone!

For more details on P8, please follow Huawei Pakistan’s account on Twitter: @HuaweiPk and FB:


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