Magnum’s Hot Chocolate Drinks

Winter is the time for comfort zone, for good food, some warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a lot of talk!

Talking of comfort food I don’t think anyone would argue that hot chocolate is the homiest of the hot drinks one could ask for. So just when I got to know that Magnum Karachi is now serving hot choco drinks too, I landed the place as soon as I could. For the sheer love of Chocolate.


Upon reaching I found that basically there are two new offerings in the menu under #HotChocolateRange :

1- Mocha Indulgence (Hot Coffee)

2- Creme De Cocoa (Hot Chocolate)

IMG_1082 (2) IMG_1084

So after a brief understanding from the kind servers there, I chose to order ‘Mocha Indulgence’ (for all its bold chocolatey flavor) and my friend ordered Creme De Cocoa (for the obvious reason that we could get to taste both new additions).

Here’s the luscious review:

– If any of you would ask me to describe Mocha Indulgence (Hot Coffee) in one word, Ill take the most conventional approach and just say, ‘It’s to die for’!

IMG_1082 IMG_1081

The flavor is rich chocolate combined with a hint of coffee flavor, loaded with chocolate coated crispy flakes and nuts. It’s just so warming and mouth melting! The after flavor is very chocolatey, and by the time the flavor grows in your mouth, you can also chew along delicious roasted nuts and chocolate flakes. That’s the catch in this hot winter drink. It’s not very sweet, and definitely not that heavy too. A balance of chocolate and coffee indulgence. Please note all cream lovers that the serving glass is coated with beautiful whipped cream along the rim! Yes, that’s purely sinful 😀

– Creme De Cocoa (Hot Chocolate) is all about the warm sweet pure chocolate flavor. IMG_1085 IMG_1086

It’s drizzled with fluffy rainbow marshmallows, which only adds to your pleasurable slurp. Apart it’s also loaded with chocolate coated crispy flakes, and has a heavy feel to it though. This too is added with fluffy cream at the rim. This cheat drink is worth a try 😉

My definite recommendation to MUST TRY is: Mocha Indulgence.

Should also try: Creme De Cocoa

Product Price: 300 PKR only.

Location: Magnum Store, located near Bath Island Clifton, (across Boat Basin).



For more pleasurable chocolate indulgence follow them at:




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