Engro leads the Change – announces ‘I Am The Change Campaign’

“Real change begins when individuals join forces to take collective action…”


Karachi, January10, 2015: Engro launched the ‘I Am The Change’ campaign to honor the efforts of individuals who are impacting life of marginalized communities in the spheres of education, health and livelihoods.

I Am the Change is one of the first full fledge crowd funding platform in Pakistan aiming to recognize the efforts of Pakistani individuals and institutions who have joined forces to pursue a better tomorrow through long-term investments in the key areas of education, livelihoods and health. Along with this platform, the IATC awards will continue as per usual. Through these awards, a grant of PKR 500,000 grant will be awarded to one NGO in the category of Health, Livelihood, and Education each.

Through the new website and dedicated social media, Engro aims to initially attract various community service ventures and NGO’s to be a part of IATC and then provide them with increased exposure as well as a e-payment gateway through which they can receive online donations.

Speaking at the occasion, the keynote speaker Naila Kassim – Head Corporate Communications said, “We strongly believe in investing in tomorrow by taking complete ownership to inspire change. We take ownership of the welfare and growth of the communities in which we operate and the ‘I Am The Change’ initiative is a magnification of our outreach to a multitude of individuals and institutions operating outside the communities that host us. Our focus through this campaign essentially is to help and empower these unsung heroes so that they can expand the magnitude of their benefits to the masses.”

Previous winners of the IATC Awards in the various categories include organizations such as The Dream Foundation; The Garage School; Patients Welfare Association; Karachi Vocational & Training Centre; Child Aid Association; Khwendo Kor (Peshawar); Akhuwat (Lahore)”.

Engro aims to invite other corporations to join hands with them and help execute this venture to perfection. The presence of well-established corporations on the advisory board of IATC, which is now in its third year of running, will help people believe in the legitimacy and effectiveness of the initiative thus facilitating our aim of generating recognition and empowerment for those NGOs that are on board with Engro.

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Note: This PR is published in association with Engro Foods and Zenith PR.


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