Del Frio – Bridges The Gap

For all food lover’s sake, Del Frio has arrived to this side of the bridge! The new restaurant is opened at Bath Island, Clifton, just opposite of Boat Basin Food Street.

Well I’m sure all Karachiite’s know where to head for the most delectable desserts in town! Del Frio is surely one of those places to land! Known and famous for it’s ‘Freshly Baked Cookie with Ice Cream’, Del Frio, has a lot more to offer to the foodies.

The food ranges from Italian menu to Continental and Seafood flavorsome. And desserts are most profoundly the hit one’s here!

Well for the opening of their second restaurant in Karachi, Del Frio, on the night of Christmas, 25th of Dec., held a small get together party for family and friends. A bunch of bloggers and foodies were also part of the event. The official hashtag was #BridgingTheGap.

As expected, the interior, like the first restaurant (located at Sindhi Muslim) is warm and cosy. Its lit up, comfortable and has a very pleasant welcome feel to it. Don’t forget to notice the aesthetic details of interior whenever you drop by to the restaurant.

So at the event, the proud owners Hassan and Omar welcomed all and showed us around the restaurant. Followed by a small interactive session where the duo told us about the venture and its success in terms of food chains mushrooming around Karachi. Del Frio has landed to this side of the bridge finally because of the growing interest of this side of populace in their food! Well, better late than never.

After the chatters we ordered food, so a table filled with bloggers, twitteratis and foodies ordered almost all favorite items for the evening! That included, soup, starters, main course and decadent desserts.

I’m sharing a visual insight of the evening with you all, which had food, chattering and lots of fun!


The beautiful interior at Del Frio.



Some art on Wall.


Some art on wall.



Delicious Cream of Spinach Soup.


Chilled Pepsi 😉



Hot & Spicy Pizza.


Chicken Tikka Pizza.



Moraccan Chicken.


Stir Fried Prawns with Basil, Chilli and Mushroom.



Chocolate Heaven Cake.


Newyork Cheese Cake.


Although, we missed to have Freshly Baked Cookie with Ice cream, Del Frio’s speciality, because of the rush and an overload of servings, but one can always go back to the place for that, I mean it’s all worth the effort.

So all the foodies and other Karachiite’s, this season if you’re looking for a hangout place, a place to take your family and friends visiting from outside Karachi or Pakistan, Del Frio is your next stop!

The delicious and yummy treats at Del Frio, are definitely worth a try! However, my special recommendations go to the desserts they have! If you think you’ve had it all, just wait and taste it here!

Welcome to Del Frio on our side! #BridgingTheGap.


Group Selfie of Bloggers and Foodies. (Picture Courtesy: @amk)




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