Capsicum – Review

So over the weekend I randomly decided to drop by at MACHS to have a taste of local food and I landed myself at Capsicum.

Here’s a quick review of the Desi Chinese I had a taste of:

We ordered: 1- Hot & Sour Soup (Red), 2- Chicken Fried Rice, 3- Fish Szechuan, 4- Kung Pao Chicken.

photo 5

Desi Chinese Platter


Crackers were served immediately followed by Hot & Sour Soup. Soup was pretty decent, hot and delicious, although I personally think serving of chicken in the soup could have been better. I also like a generous serving of cabbage; crisp and floating in my bowl, so yeah it was that.

photo 1

Hot & Sour Soup (Red)


Chicken Fried Rice were nice too. They weren’t dry and weren’t oily either, and of course were seasoned with balance of flavors, so that too gets a go ahead from my side!

photo 4

Chicken Fried Rice


Coming to the Fish Szechuan, instead of breaking it down into cubes there were these long strips of fish with a 4 strips serving in the bowl. The gravy was the major issue here! It tasted like burnt with a hint of bitterness. The ketchupy gravy had julienne cut carrots which were drowned somewhere in the bowl because the proportion was not right!  Trust me this dish was no where close to any szechuan that we know of! (Comparing that to Chairman Mao and Ginsoy).

photo 3

Szechuan Fish


The best deal was Kung Pao Chicken. The roasted peanuts and all the crunchy veggies had me! Perfectly seasoned and a generous amount of boneless chicken, almost made a lift to the whole dinner! If you’re visiting Capsicum anytime soon then you must, must try Kung Pao Chicken.

photo 2

Kung Pao Chicken


Coming to the service, the staff was friendly and accomodating enough however the menu told and menu served weren’t on same page. To avoid fizzy drinks I ordered fresh mint lemonade which I was told after 5 minutes that it isn’t available, then I switched to Peach Ice Tea, the waiter took the order and came after 10 minutes to inform that Peach ‘essence’ was out of stock! I made a very bad face to which he responded by offering me a ‘mint margarita’ instead and I couldn’t help but say a yes!

The mint margarita was cool enough to take away my disappointment! I liked the after sweetness it had after a chilling strong minty flavor in my mouth, so to wash down the meal with this mint margarita wasn’t that of a bad option!

Upon my complain about the Fish Szechuan the manager was decent enough to come over and listen to what the complaint was, though it wasn’t compensated in any way!


Quality of Food: 6/10

Taste: 7/10

Value for money: 6/10

Overall Ratings: 6.5/10 (✮✮✮✮✮✮*).






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