The Winter Wontons

If you’re looking for hot treats to gulp down this winter, of course soups are the best choice! But how about some sidelines too? That too yummy, crunchy and piping hot.

Well here’s a clue. Head to the famous Dhoraji Street located in Karachi, you’ll find a handful for choice for soups and gola ganda! (Ice lollies desi style). Most gola ganda kiosks transforms into soup kiosks especially for winters!

However todays’s recommendation is ‘Wontons’ from the famous Saleem Qadir Uncle Gola Ganda corner!

While you order hot delicious chicken and egg soup add a side line of Wontons.

These Wontons are near to original Chinese recipe, big in size and come along in a very generous serving. The highlight is the crunchy outer and hot delicious inner of chicken.

Its time to savour the season delights and say yes to a delicious winter combo, Wontons and Soup from Dhoraji Desi Kiosks.




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