Taste is King in the Wild West Range

They say taste is King, well indeed. However what all I know of marketing now is that only and only ‘consumer is the King’ and that taste is very much consumer dependent.

photo 1(2)photo 3(2)

Well Burger King Pakistan recently introduced their Wild West Range to give Karachiites a taste of Steakhouse range in Chicken & Beef.

The four very tempting varieties to spoil one’s taste buds are:

1- Beef Steak House

2- Chicken Steak House

3- Hot & Spicy Beef Steak House

4- Hot & Spicy Chicken Steak House

photo 1

Wild West Range

Well being a harimirchi and my love for spicy food, I quite obviously ordered ‘Hot & Spicy Chicken Steak House’. I must tell you all first, that on any given regular day, I’m not a burger fan at all. However, these Burgers tempted me as much as I’d love steaks. My ‘ Hot & Spicy Chicken Steak House’ with cheese was succulent, moist and tender.

photo 2(2)photo 1(1)


I enjoyed the burst of savory flavors in mouth, because of jalapenos mostly. However, I think it could have been more spicy. Upon my feedback to the manager, I was told that I can get my burger customised as per my liking, so I added more jalapenos. And it was a complete meal in heaven!

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

One important ingredient to enhance your flavors are the sauces! BK serves, regular tomatao sauce, chili garlic sauce, mustard sauce, bbq sauce and mayo! However I’d personally recommend bbq sauce. It adds the kind of flavor that teams with cheese and makes a delicious combination. Even if your Burger is without cheese, you’ll still enjoy that! Tasting is believing!

photo 1 photo 2(1) photo 3(1)

The burger over all is tasty, patty is juicy, and has kind of a Pakistani touch to it, which I’m sure most Pakistanis look for in foreign flavors and cuisines.

photo 4(1)

So If you’ve had your taste made already for juicy, succulent, yummy burgers, you gotta try this too! All for a delightful surprise and adding a new dimension to your love for burgers.

Follow Burger King Pakistan here:

Twitter: @BurgerKingPk

FB: facebook.com/burgerkingpakistan


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