Oreo teams up with Transformers

It is indeed a pleasure to see how local Pakistani scenario is changing in advertising and for brands. Pakistan is being recognised for all the talent and good it has, locally and internationally which is actually over whelming.

One such recent achievement is of Continental Biscuits Limited (CBL) for Oreo. The original Oreo was recently launched in Pakistan with much hype.

Apart from bringing yummy and delicious treats for locals, Oreo teamed up with #TransformersAgeOfExtinction the movie, and held the global premiere of the film last night in Karachi.

This event was part of the Robust global campaign to premiere Transformers in 35 countries simultaneously including Pakistan. Now this is huge for scifi audiences in the country.

Luckily I was very kindly invited by the digital team handling Oreo, and got a chance to watch the movie before it hit the theatres nationwide.

The event was very warming, met a lot of twitterati friends and had a chit chat session. As far as the movie is
concerned I would not sin by writing any spoilers here! (As its scheduled to be released tomorrow in PK).

But I’d definitely say Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee were charming as ever and this one is a must watch. Though you may find the movie a bit longer than usual but then it gets better towards the end. Expect a lil’ Bollywood like drama too, but paisa wasool entertainment for sure!

I think its a great initiative by Oreo, and as many brands should do such activities and pump up the local scenario for a lighter note of entertainment.

Meanwhile you twist, lick and dunk Oreo you can follow them on Twitter for updates at @OreoPakistan.




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