To deal or not to deal

All the shopholics like me must be in a habit of surfing and browsing over the internet, for smart buying options. Actually I’ve developed a habit of online shopping recently and its quite useful. One doesn’t have to personally visit and go through the hassle of shopping in person, it actually consumes a lot of time and energy.

The best thing that I like about online shopping is the deals that are being offered over web and social media! Yes, so much to choose from with your convenience and right at your finger tips.

One such interesting sites that I came by recently was There are numerous other brilliant websites in Pakistan, but this one’s exclusively for Karachi. That’s the thing I liked the most about it! All Karachi top deals are registered and up there to choose from, most exclusive brands and companies are registered and have collaborated with them, so that’s a pretty good stuff to catch on.

The categories are all laid out, they’re enormous. Since the summers are going on, so there’s a separate tab for Summer deals too, which is a very smart play of course. My personal recommendation however, are the food and beauty deals. Iv’e bought so much from those sections that I can’t even list them out lol!

There are some deals which one won’t find in most other sites, like that of car servicing and health care deals. They are something that I would rate as most beneficial. The site map is friendly much and can’t go by mentioning that the ‘search’ tab is pretty helpful, swift search results are obviously such a turn on!

The service is quite good. No hassle, no hidden charges, you get your stuff quite easily through vouchers. I haven’t had a complain yet fortunately. However, one of my friends had a voucher code problem and it was responded and checked until redeemed by the Karachi Deals team!

So all of you who believe in smart shopping and are the one’s who make use of opportunities, here’s one to definitely grab on:


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