Go pro on your Pimples

So I’m actually reviewing a beauty/ derma product for the first time as my experience was overwhelming. I’m sure pretty much most of the young lot faces pimple problems, over and over again.

Recently I had one too, on my forehead. And trust me this time it was quite hurting and painful. Even a slight contact on that part of the skin would make me scream. I was washing my face 3-4 times a day with regular soap and thus trying to make it dry, but no help. I’ve never before used a product that could actually take down the pimple for me, for most of them didn’t really worked.

A friend upon seeing my distress recommended me Pond’s Pimple Clear White and it did wonders for me! The pain effect was gone in about second usage of the product and in complete 2 days pimple was conquered, leaving it dead! 


(I used it twice for 2 days consecutively). The thing that I liked the most about this face wash is that it doesn’t leaves skin with a soapy texture, despite brine water. Also the micro-granules that can be seen in its texture, are not really scrub. So yeah you won’t have a scrubby feeling too on your skin. However, I’ll still recommend to use it according to your skin type, as this face wash is appropriate for oily skin mostly, or simply don’t use it on a regular basis. Your skin type and suitability should be the consideration to make the decision. 

Apart here’s what Pond’s Pimple Clear White actually does for you: 

Fights 10 Oil & Pimple Problems for Clear, Fresh & Fairer Skin:

  • Removes Excess Oil
  • Clears Pimples
  • Reduces Pimple related blemishes
  • Reduces redness
  • Calms skin
  • Reduces blackheads
  • Reduces whiteheads
  • Smoothes roughness
  • Tightens pores
  • Brightens skin.

So yeah if you’re having a bad-pimple-day, go get this product now! By the way it’s clinically tested too so yeah kind of certified safe on asian skin types! Good luck beauty Queens & Kings! 


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