TGIF – The Restaurant

Talk of casual dining experience, and one will find numerous dining places in Karachi. But how many do you really frequent from the first visit? Well, TGIF is back in Karachi and seems pretty good place to hang out. I have my teenage time memories when it was first opened at Park Towers, used to be expensive that time, well it still is.

So I, along with colleagues visited TGIF few days back, here’s a run through from the visit.

A- Branding: Pretty good, vibrant crimson hues teamed with tints of Grey. Though inside menu read could have been more simplified. Its a bit jinxed at the moment.

photo 4 (4)

TGIF Placemats.

photo 1 (4)

TGIF Menu Card.

B- Interior & Ambiance: As I said earlier, awesome place for a young peppy hangout! If you’re looking for a refreshing place, with good food and good service, it’s here! Everything is cheered up and lively, one actually feels good with this sort of cosines, no ? But they need to definitely work on their fumigation service, the repeated opening and closing of the main door, let lots of house flies in, and those were buzzing around the starting tables. We complained repeatedly, and the server couldn’t help but smile back at us. So yeah there’s a LOT of room for improvement.

photo 1 (6)

TGIF sign; In here, Its always Friday !

photo 3 (5)

TGIF, the classic bar.

photo 2 (4)

TGIF, a variety of table top lights can be spotted, harmony in contrast.

photo 5 (3)

TGIF, because recreation. OMG that was just so cool to look at.

photo 4 (3)

TGIF, the baseball bat effect with New York city line.

Also, in particular I like how its spacious and lit up!

C- Service: A pro service is always better than good service. Well, they are not really pro but yes they have a friendly, welcoming staff. In intervals, they would also entertain the visitors with dance moves and loud hoo haa! But that’s okay, I saw a lot of customers enjoying and appreciating. Well here’s a visual proof of how friendly they are, (when one of the servers posed for me without even my asking him to do so).

photo 2 (6)

TGIF, the poser staff (y).

D- Food – The Real Business: Overall the food tasted good. Well there were little flaws here and there, but I can conveniently overlook them over the good things. Let’s start with my order:

1- Fish & Chips: Well I’m a huge Fish fan, and I like mostly all sorts of different flavors added to cook it. I, without a second thought picked Fish & Chips from the menu, and boy I loved it. The flavor was subtle leaving enough room to team it up with the sauces, a generous and good quantity serving, really filled me up. Though chips were a little off the track, one of my colleague commented that they weren’t really fresh, as he didn’t savor the flavor of it. The crispy batter over fish was just perfect, the fish didn’t shredded off nor was it under cooked. So over all a thumbs up.

photo 1 (2)photo 2 (2)

2- Chicken Quesadilla: The yummy Quesadilla! Perfect blend of cheese, chicken and veggies. Served with sour cream, fresh vegetable salad and cucumber, green chili and mint chutney. What I really loved about this dish was that it was light yet cheesy and tortilla bread was baked to perfection. Just the way it should have been. I’d say it was more like American Quesadilla than the original Mexican. But if you are looking for something yummy and light and good on your diet plan, than this is definitely something that you should be ordering at TGIF. (Suggestion: Though the filling in the tortilla could be more in quantity than now).

photo 2

TGIFs, Chicken Quesadilla, light and yummy.


3- Garlic, Chicken Pasta: If you are a hardcore italian food and especially pasta fan, than this might not live up to your expectations. This pasta had a good blend of flavorings but was short on sauce. I mean more dry and less saucy. The garlic flavor, mentioned in the name, was lacking. Though what I loved about this was the spinach! As I love spinach, so I will not rate it as bad. Try and find out yourself, how’d you like to place this.

photo 4photo 3

4- Beef Bacon Cheese Burger: TGIFs burgers are a good addition to this category of food. Compare them to any other burger franchise that you love or frequent and these can give a tough time. A juicy burger perhaps takes all the credit here. The bacon flavor was awesome, burger was juicy and succulent, served with fries, there you go! Must try once before you chose to make others your favorite.

photo 5

TGIF – Beef Bacon Cheese Burger.

5- Fried Chicken: This was the disappointment of the day. Trust me when I say that. Okay it looked really good, tasted really bland. The Chicken was under seasoned, the veggies tasted like some ill persons cautious food intake. However, I liked the sideline choice of veggies served (sautéed onions tomato and green beans) with the dish, but somehow the taste didn’t lived up to the expectations. The mash potatoes served along with it was also very tasteless, at least it could have had a flavor of black pepper or cream cheese, but no! Each ingredient on that plate was a disappointment. So I’ll rather suggest not to try this one.

photo 5 (2)

The bad incident: One of the flies buzzing around our table and over our food (as mentioned earlier) landed in the pasta. Thank God we identified it on time, called the server and got it replaced, it took them sometime to prepare the fresh one but by then we were already late, so we got it packed. 

Dear Team TGIF, cleanliness and hygiene is something you really need to take care of!

Overall, a nice, pleasant experience, I’m definitely visiting them again. I loved the ambiance and overall feel. Made me happy to be there, thank God its Friday!

Ratings: 7.5/10 (✮✮✮✮✮✮✮*).


8 thoughts on “TGIF – The Restaurant

  1. I liked the menu design… cant really comment on the food… so far I haven’t had a very good experience there… at least here.

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