#BeautyIs within – And how?

Recently Dove Pakistan hosted a digital media event to launch their Dove: Patches campaign and I was one of the lucky one’s to attend it.

I took a lot of learnings and observations from the event, that I’d like to share with you all.

Dove is a brand that focuses on women beauty and make efforts to help them realize the power of self-confidence. Apart from the fact that every brand would do so to market them better, Dove somehow stands for what it vows to do and achieve.

The event was hosted at a local suburb Karachi cafe, a good gathering of around 60 people showed up, in which most were women. During the interactive session when women were asked if they would be comfortable going out without make up, to my surprise, most women attendees raised hand for a yes! (including me). Now for an observation; in today’s world where presentation is everything, women wanting to go without loading themselves with make up and artificial layers is truly an act of confidence.

Dove: Patches narrates the same story and beyond that. The Patches video was run at the event at the same time as globally, launching simultaneously in 66 countries including Pakistan. The video had a message, a story of every woman’s life.

The video shows how common women underestimate themselves and are always on a look for something that would help them feel good about themselves. This external ‘support’ can be really disconcerting at times. Almost embarrassing oneself to that level.

Patches is the story of those external supports and help that are almost avoidable with a little pinch of courage!

The women need to open up, realize their inner strengths and be courageous and confident about who they really are! The happiness lies in the comfort zone, that unfortunately most of us fail to see!

The video records a series of observations with different women about how they feel low on self esteems and are ready to submit to the idea that ‘just a piece of Patch’ would change them over night. But that doesn’t really happen. The Patch itself is nothing but a stick on.

What actually changes and boosts their confidence is the psychological treatment of their feelings that this Patch will change their lives. Upon realizing the truth behind the experiment, women feel a little disturbed and embarrassed but that truly is the moment when they would have felt liberated in true sense.

The idea is clear. Look beyond the usual, appreciate what you have. If you know your worth, nobody can take down your self-esteem. The more confident and clear-headed you are the more nearer you are to the beauty.

#BeautyIs to find a way out of the depths.

The event was an eye opener for all the women present and who watched that video online. Not only women but men, should take a note on being natural and beautiful with the way they are, not the way others want them to be.

From last years ‘Sketches’ to this years ‘Patches’ campaign, Dove continues to support and make realize millions around the world what being true to yourself is, what really being beautiful is!

Have a look at the inspiring video here:

Dove: Patches from Dove Pakistan on Vimeo.




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