Brain Foods- for Increased Concentration Level

There a few days every month (for me rather every week) where you are just not able to concentrate on your work or on your studies. You try your best to remain focused on the task at hand but all attempts made are futile. I use to think maybe this is because I have too many things on my mind or may be due to lack of sleep; I recently discovered that although your concentration level do drop because of the former mentioned things, diet plays an important role in keeping your mind healthy and improving your attention span.


Our brain, like any other machine, needs an energy source to function efficiently throughout the day; therefore it is essential for us to maintain sufficient glucose levels in our blood stream. Wholegrain foods are best in providing this valuable energy source to our brain and maintaining concentration levels throughout the day. To make things even better, opt for wholegrain that is low – GI (Glycemic Index), since it releases glucose slowly in the bloodstream, just meeting the requirement of our body. Brown cereals, wheat bran, and granary bread are rich sources for     low-GI wholegrain sources.


I have noticed we as a nation consume only limited fruits out of a vast majority of options available. Due to this very reason, we are missing on important minerals and vitamins which are essential for the proper functioning of our brain.  Blueberries are one of those wonder fruits that not only prevent the onset of mental diseases (such as dementia) but also improve our concentration levels, according to the research done by Tufts University. It is time we recognize blueberries as a fruit rather than just a flavor of ice-creams or frozen yogurts and reap its benefits.


This fruit or vegetable (depends on how to categorize is) is used in majority of our national dishes but is seldom eaten in the raw form. It is believed that eating cooked tomatoes reduces (if not completely eliminates) lycopene in tomatoes, a powerful antioxidant, responsible for the proper functioning for our brains. Try to use it in salads and raitas, if you have a problem with its flavor, so that you are able to bear the taste.


Again this fruit has been demoted to just a flavor for many Pakistanis; blackcurrant is thought to contain a powerful boast of Vitamin C, which is thought to increase mental agility along with other health benefits. It is also rich in various other nutrients, phytochemicals and antioxidants.


My personal ‘non-favorite’ vegetable of all time is not less than a miracle vegetable. Apart from possessing anti-cancer properties, broccoli also contains large amount of vitamin K, which is proven to increase concentration in individuals.

I know some of these ‘brain foods’ would be very hard to accommodate in your diet, especially if you are not a vegetable/fruit fan but having healthy eating habits is the most effective way of improving your concentration and at the same time fighting various diseases and disorders.


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