How We Made Our Own Burgers!


Picture courtesy: MYOB FB page.

Pakistanis in every sense of the word, take their food seriously. We laugh and eat, we cry but eat. The food is one authentic source of entertainment in our country (though I don’t agree much here but truth be told, it is such).

Earlier last week, a group of friends dropped by to my place for a ‘catch-up’ session and the main highlight there too, was food! Differing in taste and moods and yes appetite too, we four wanted to try something new and delicious. We skimmed through multitude of Facebook pages, and went through Chinese to Moroccan, Pakistani to Mediterranean food, but couldn’t really decide until one of us mentioned MYOB. (That’s such a cool name btw: Make-Your-Own-Burger).

Seeing that it is a burger’s franchise and very popular as per their Facebook page (see here: ) where one can make their own burgers according to taste, just like SUBWAY does, we decided to order what they have as their best!

I know there is a lot of ‘competition out there’ and especially for yummy burgers there’s a tough competitive market, so we decided to explore these interestingly named burgers.

Well, one of us is like those good eaters who can go on eating until reined in, so his obvious choice was MYOBs, Half Pounder, and another friend ordered the same. The rest two of us ordered Dijon Chicken and Fire Grilled Beef Patty Burger.

We called in, placed our orders, made-our-own-burgers like we were trying hard to nail some competition we were taking part in! The process of making-your-own-burger was actually fun, I mean you know what you are going to get! Now the hunger and wait-for-food was our biggest challenge.

We waited and got our doorbell ringing in exactly 34 minutes (I think I’m the lucky one living nearby). Hurriedly we opened our packs, and taraa! The hot yummy looking burgers were tempting us.


Well the quantity was HUGE. I was awe struck, literally. I was like WOW, what-a-value-for-money! The first bite of the mouth melting MYOB (Fire Grilled Beef Patty) burger was full of flavors! This was the cut. The first bite tells you, whether you are going to have a long-term-order-in-relationship or not, my answer was YES, absolutely!


Picture courtesy: MYOB FB page.


Well we all enjoyed our meal, though the fries weren’t up to my taste standards, also the lower bread was soggy in two of our burgers, but my case here is about flavors and taste! The pickles added the almost perfect tangy taste to my burger, the cheese melted and well laid all around added the perfect savory taste that I like!


A special mention here goes to the beef patty in the Half Pounder, which was oversized and yummy! Though some may disagree here, when there’s a combo-of-it, it needs to be balanced. But hey c’mon, in food; less is NO good. So the fat beef patties here, gets a nod from me!


Ask me about the chicken patty, and I’ll tell you about it! There were not one, not two but three generously laid fillets in the Dijon burger. I mean what else in the world you want in a range of Rs. 550 at max? Dinosaur ribs? Well no!

The iceberg lettuce was fresh and crispy, (here I was a bit surprised with the freshness of it, so bravo!) and as I love onions, so that was the best veggie I got for myself in my-own-burger!


Picture courtesy: MYOB FB page.


Picture courtesy: MYOB FB page.

Well we all rated MYOB as above GOOD, and we the friends have already ordered from them at least twice again at our offices. I appreciate our generosity! The burger making exercise was crazy, but paid off well!

4 (✮✮✮✮) out of 5 for this creative-burger-making-stimulation, I can totally see why they are always loaded and jam packed with orders! Make-Your-Own-Burger here: 021-35205505.


Conclusion: Recommended. 


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