Pathways reek of sadness as we walk down the chaotically buzzing landscape of our country; our hidden selflessness seems like trait long lost in the sands of time. Approximately sixty six years from today, the case wasn’t so, our forefathers and mothers and parents who now breathe away their twilight had a dream; they had a dream of freedom, of prosperity for the citizens of Pakistan.

In these times of murder, racial trauma, gap of thinking between adults and the youth tagged as generation gap and a serious identity crisis.

To some extent our problems lay within ourselves, we have become so occupied with our every errands that we forget about what is important in life, we forget to ‘care’.

14 Acts of Pakistan

From darkness rises the first rays of light, and it is in these times that I find an uncanny idea brimming through to mark the sixty sixth anniversary of our nation.

 #14ActsForPakistan is the perfect reality check of what we are and what we can be; it doesn’t only aim towards Pakistanis but to humanity since from core of within comes the tide of change.

Do something kind for someone else this 14th August. The idea is simple but overwhelming, 14 is synonymous with the date of our independence. The idea is to take a step ahead and help, build and repeat; a chain reaction that should not stop. 14 acts for dear motherland Pakistan and 14 acts that show your gratitude and an appreciation of a freedom long lost. Let’s get this rolling!

Long live Pakistan.


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